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Improved Chord Logic

May 2nd, 2020

Multiple users of ChordPic have reported that it was not possible to create a chord diagram with a barre chart and a finger on the same fret. This is now fixed! You can now create chord diagrams like this:

Example chord chart

Special thanks to everyone that reported this issue.

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How it all started

May 2nd, 2020

ChordPic was created after its predecessor, Chordpix, suddenly went offline and left guitar players around the world hanging. After Jonathan Eli, my friend and brilliant guitar player, told me about this I immediately started implementing a replacement. It has been a fun side project ever since, and I’m looking forward to continuing improving this tool for all guitar players.

Since the very early days of ChordPic, Jonathan Eli has been using the generated chord chart images for his unique educational YouTube channel. You should definitely check out Jonathan Eli’s YouTube channel!